Hello HSLPS families!

My name is Mr. Ricardo Brens, the new Parent Coordinatorand I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with you. I will be working diligently to support parental engagement and providing guidance and resources based on your needs. My main goal is to create a space where all parents feel welcome and trusted. You can reach me at rbrens@06m467.comOpens in a new browser tab 

Hope to see you all soon

Parent Association Get Involved!

Dear Parents and Family Members!

Join the Parent Association (PA) where parents/guardians can be part of their child's academic journey helping us to create a better space for students. Additionally, parents/guardians will be able to participate in our monthly PA meetings, events, and workshops which will enhance their abilities to support students on their path to success. PARENT ASSOCIATION CALENDAR WILL BE POSTED SOON!

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our new Parent Coordinator, Mr. Brens at

COVID-19 Information

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Parent Handbook

2020-2021 Student-Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is information about school policies.

My School Apps

If you need any type of documentation or forms, please visit MySchools Apps for a list of different services.

Technology Resources

Help Desk in the IT Resource Center

Welcome to the IT Help Desk. the first point of contact for members of the HSLPS community seeking information and assistance with campus technology issues.

Our Help Desk is staffed during standard school hours. ​In addition to walk-in help during our hours of operation, you may also contact us at any time: by Email at

Parent’s Top Ten Things To Support Your Student at HSLPS


1) Pupil Path

Register and login:  Pupil Path Parent Registration Click Here   

Once logged on, you will find your student’s schedule and grades posted here.

(Make sure you are typing all your info correctly.)

School: 06M467 - High School for Law and Public Service

You will also need your student’s:

Student ID (OSIS #)

Date of Birth

Registration Code: (Email Ms. Polanco if you do not have this.

Then follow the instructions carefully on how to create your password. There are certain rules to follow. 


2) Operoo

All forms will be sent to you to be filled online. Please help us keep your child’s info and consents up to date. You will receive usernames and passwords if you have not already.


3) Kinvo

You will stay connected to school and your child’s needs when you receive emails and texts through this streamlined  communication system. If we don’t have your up-to-date email and cell #, please contact Ms. Nelia Polanco at and  Ms. Alquioril Polanco at

So you can stay informed up to the minute!


4) DOE Parent Account 

Register: DOE Parent Account Registration Click Here

Here you can see grades, test scores, attendance, transportation, reading level and much more.

Account Registration Code: (Email Ms. Polanco if you do not have this.


5) Bell Schedule and Google Classrooms

Make sure your student is up and ready to get to school on time:

High School for Law and Public Service

Period Start Time End Time Length Description
Period 1 8:30 AM 9:14 AM 44 min Class
Period 2 9:14 AM 9:58 AM 44 min Class
Period 3 9:58 AM 10:42 AM 44 min Class
Period 4 10:42 AM 11:26 AM 44 min Class
Period 5 11:26 AM 12:10 PM 44 min Class
Period 6 12:10 PM 12:54 PM 44 min Class
Period 7 12:54 PM 1:38 PM 44 min Class
Period 8 1:38 PM 1:58 PM 20 min Study Hall/Lunch
Period 9 2:00 PM 2:20 PM 20 min Office hours

Then, make sure your child checks their email for invitations and registration codes for your teachers' sites.  They should check the Stream for announcements and links for virtual class meetings. They also must check the Assignments tab to find your work and submit on time.


6)  Uniform

Purchase your child’s awesome academic clothing here Peligro School Uniform Order Form


7) Computer Device

Fill out this online form immediately if your child needs a: DOE Device Request Form Click Here

Keep it charged and ready for school everyday.

If your student borrowed a computer and you are having technical difficulties contact: DOE Technical Help Desk for Families


8) Learning Preference 

Request your preference (100% Remote or Blended Learning) by using this online form:DOE Learning Preference Survey Click Here


9) Website 

Check our school website for important updates, events and to access the staff directory: High School for Law and Public Service: Home Page


10) Instagram: 

Follow us: hsforlawandpublicservice