• School Closure

    The Chancellor announced school will be closed for in-person learning starting tomorrow Thursday November 19, 2020 until further notice. All instruction will proceed remotely for all students.   

    H.S. 467M

    Due to another positive case in the building, the campus will be closed for 24 hours for cleaning and contact tracing.  Please check back tomorrow 11/18/20 for an update.

    H.S. 467M
  • Laptop Distribution

    Hello HSLPS Family!

    We are distributing laptop devices  Monday - Friday from 2:00 pm- 3:00 p.m. You must fill out the Device Survey Prior to picking up the laptop.

    Thank you

    H.S. 467M
  • In-person Learning

    Hello HSLPS Family, 

    The Mayor has announced that all students will begin remote instruction on Monday, September 21 at high schools Citywide. 

    Now, in-person learning has been delayed until Thursday, October 1, 2020. 

    To be clear, all HSLPS Students will begin learning from home beginning on Monday – even those that chose in-person learning. 

    In-person learning will begin on October 1. 

    Updated student schedules will be shared this evening. 

    Thank you for your patience and flexibility as the city figures this out. 

    H.S. 467M
  • Family Income Inquiry Forms

    Please complete the family Income Inquiry forms for this school year 2020-2021.  Family Income Application Link

    H.S. 467M
  • Learning Preference

    School Year 2020-2021

    This fall, your child’s school plans to offer blended learning, a mix of in-person days at school and remote-learning days at home. The default for all students is to participate in their schools’ blended learning schedules.

    • Learn more about blended learning and the 2020-2021 school year on our Return to School 2020 web pages.
    • Your school will keep you informed of its specific learning model and your child’s schedule. If you have questions about your school’s model or schedule, please reach out to the school directly.

    Want to Choose Fully Remote Learning? Fill Out This Form.

    At any time of year, for any reason, you can choose fully remote learning for your child. This means they would learn 100% remotely (all online, from home). Remote learning includes live interaction with teachers every day, and every class includes live instruction.

    • To choose fully remote learning for your child, fill out and submit this form.
    • If you have difficulties completing this form online, call 311.

    Changing Preferences

    If you choose fully remote learning for your child, you will have the option to change back to blended learning at a few specific times during the school year, beginning in November 2020.

    Please note: This form does not apply to charter schools. If your child attends a charter school, please reach out to the school directly to discuss remote learning options.

    Get Started

    H.S. 467M
  • Need a Technology Device for At Home Learning?

    Students and families - please refer to the info in this message to request a device from a DOE location.
    The NYC DOE wants every student who needs a device for remote learning to have one, even if the student does not have internet access at home.

    Someone will help you get a device with internet connection.

    The NYC DOE wants every student who needs a device for remote learning to have one, even if the student does not have internet access at home.

    H.S. 467M
  • Returning to School 2020

    Please visit the Department of Education's Return to School 2020 webpage on a regular basis for the latest updates at

    H.S. 467M
  • COVID-19 Updates

    Please visit our COVID-19 page to find all the critical information about how H.S. 467 is changing the way we operate to reduce the risk of COVID infection. We are doing everything we can to make sure staff, students, and families are safe.

    H.S. 467M
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