Welcome to the College and Career Office at HSLPS!


Peer Forward maximizes the power of positive peer influence to transform students' lives in low-income communities by connecting them to higher education and careers. There is a chasm between the desire for degrees and the opportunity for low-income students to get them. By empowering students (Peer Leaders) to help themselves and their fellow students persist in and through higher education, Peer Forward dramatically improves postsecondary success at our partner schools, narrowing the higher education gap and launching generations toward career success and community leadership.

What Is a Peer Leader?

The influential student leaders are at the heart of our mission, activating higher education success in their fellow students. Peer Leaders influence their peer group, including all academic abilities and activities. Peer Forward trains and supports these student teams, who bring energy and determination to guide their peers on the path to success in higher education.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Forward Leader, please contact Mr. Brens (Peer Forward Advisor) at rbrens@06m467.com