Meet Our Students

We asked HSLPS students what they liked most about HSLPS:
Bruce Cheeseboro, HSLPS Class of 2020
"Aa student at HSLPS the most important thing to me is the school community. This school is different from the other schools I’ve visited because of the Peer Mentoring programs. It’s like one big family and everyone knows each other within the school community."
- Bruce Cheeseboro, HSLPS Class of 2020 
Angel Dilawar
"I'm glad to say that I'm a student at HSLPS. This school is like everyone's dream school, and it has given me a lot more than any other school. I like how we go on trips, and there are countless opportunities in this school. For instance, the lawyer mentor program opens up tons of possibilities for students and allows them to meet up with real-life lawyers. I'm happy to be in that program. Additionally, all the teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. I honestly thought that the teachers would mind their own business and not be open or free towards students, but I was incorrect. I did not expect to have some senior friends. This school is my second home, and it is very special to me. Since this school is small, we all work closely with each other to guarantee a safer and happier school environment. Overall, I love my high school, and I couldn’t have found a better school." - Angel Dilawar, Class of 2023


"What I like most about HSLPS is thaBrahilin Amarantet they allow us students to have a voice. A voice that is heard no matter what race or sexual preference. A voice that allows us to do activities at school. A strong and valuable voice and that is what I most appreciated about my school." - Bahilin Amarante, HSLPS Class of 2021"Lo que más me gusta de HSLPS es que nos permiten a nosotros los estudiantes tener una voz. Una voz que es escuchada no importa la raza o preferencia sexual. Una voz que nos permite hacer actividades en la escuela. Una voz fuerte y valiosa y eso es lo que más aprecio de mi escuela."  - Bahilin Amarante, HSLPS Class of 2021


Jadeiny Cepeda"What I like the most about my school is that we strive to build a family-like environment where everyone is welcome. We believe in our students and provide encouragement and confidence. WE GIVE HOPE." - Jadeiny Cepeda, HSLPS Class of 2021"Lo que mas me gusta de mi escuela es que nosotros nos esforzamos en crear un ambiente en familia donde todos son bienvenidos. Nosotros creemos en nuestros estudiantes - proveemos apoyo y confianza. Nosotros damos esperanza." - Jadeiny Cepeda, HSLPS Class of 2021
"The teachers are helpful.  They go out of their way to make sure I understand."  -Donnell Romiel, HSLPS Class of 2018

"Having the opportunity to take AP classes.  I like being challenged." Jendaya Clarke, HSLPS class of 2017