Weekly Bulletin

HSLPS Weekly Bulletin                                                                       Week of May 8, 2017

Principal’s Memo

1) Teach bell to bell.

2) Limit the pass

3) Step out!

4) Ask students to remove do-rags and hats.

5) Update Skedula several times/week if not daily.

6) Cell phones- if a student has their cell phone during an afternoon class, please e-mail Mr. Politis promptly.

             AP  Organization’s Notices

  • AP Exams continue this week in room 507 and 326 (see special schedule below)

Department Topics

All Departments:

Preference Sheets - Look for your preference sheet and submit promptly to your AP. Due this week.

AP Recommendations - By Fri, May 12th, submit AP/Honors recommendations to your AP.

ELA/ENL/LOTE - Please adhere to your Common Assessment Timeline.  Materials will be provided.

Math - Wed., May 10th, we are hosting a “Math Instructional Round”. Math classes will be visited by teams of teachers and admin from the other 3 schools on campus to view how we apply our instructional foci in our department.  The AC Room will be occupied periods 1 - 6.

Science - Please continue collecting make-up labs.

AP Exam Schedule


8:00 a.m.

12:00 p.m.

Mon. May 8



Tues. May 9

Calculus AB

Span Literature & Culture

Wed. May 10

English Language & Comp


Thurs. May 11

Comparative Gov’t & Politics

World History


Events and Trips

  • Faculty PD Session - Monday, May 8, period 9 in room 426.

  • NYSESLAT Testing - Throughout May (all bilingual students) Please excuse them if they are pulled out of your class for the Speaking Exam.

  • LIFT Mentor Meetings - Mon. May 8 and Wed, May 10 and Fri, May 12, Period 5

Looking ahead:

  • Special - AP Course Informational Assembly- Grades 9-11 will assemble in the auditorium Monday, May 15 Period 2. All AP teachers will present information (curriculum overview and course expectations) for each AP courses we offer.

Mr. MacMillan ran the LI Half Marathon 4th in age group 50th overall. Super happy.